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Easy Write Chalkboards

What is Easy Write?

Easy Write chalkboards have a premium quality chalkboard finish that helps make writing and changing your chalkboard message simple.

Easy Write chalkboards have a special waterproof coating and ultra smooth surface that lets you write on your board with chalkpens and then when required simply wipe off with cleaner and a cloth ready for your next message.

No more problems with trying to scrub off old messages that you can still see after cleaning and no more chalkboard paint.

Why are Easy Write chalkboards superior to traditional chalkboards?

  •  Write on your message..wipe off your message..simple.
  •  Ultra smooth finish making writing easy and looks more professional
  •  Waterproof panels can be used internal or external
  •  No need to use chalkboard paint.
  •  Surface will last for years
  •  No more 'ghosting effects' as you get with traditional chalkboards
  •  No more waiting for your chalkboard paint to dry before you can use it.