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Chalkboard Posters

What are Chalk Posters..?

They're an easy way of being able to change your chalkboard message without having to book a chalk artist to visit your pub, we simply send them in the post..!

They are produced on  black styrene sheet material for internal or external display .

All of our 'chalk posters' are handwritten, the same as your chalkboards, and looks just like a chalkboard..!

  • Why use Chalk Posters..?

  • Can be ordered as 1' off's, no minimum order.

  •  Great for short term display.

  •  Ideal if you're in an area that's not easy to book a chalkboard artist.

  •  Chalkboard artists tend not to want to travel too far to change only a couple of boards.

  •  Often a cheaper option than a days visit from your chalk artist.

  •  Just give me your basic requirements and we'll do the rest..!