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A bit about us

We have been supplying chalkboards and our signwriting services to the hospitality trade, shops, schools etc since 1985.

 Before chalkboards were used in pubs, we supplied handwritten 'Dayglo' posters, a very bright luminous paper, signwritten with whatever was required at the time to drive sales and advertise offers.

 Although blackboards had been around for about 150 years in schools, it wasn't until around the mid to late 80's that chalkboards started to become popular with the pub and restaurant trade. It was then that we started to get requests to supply boards all over the country. Not just to pubs, but to anyone who wanted to advertise their product and events on a chalkboard.

 30 years on we have grown our Warwickshire based business along with our ever updating product range and now supply a whole cross section of customers from the corner shop, pub chains, super markets, wedding days and the BBC.

All of our boards are manufactured in the UK and made from quality materials at very competitive prices. But don't take our word for it check out our products and see for yourself..!