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Handwritten Chalkboard Posters

Handwritten posters by our chalkboard artist. Every one an original piece of work.

What are Chalkboard posters?

They're an easy way of being able to change your chalkboard message without having to book a chalk artist to visit your pub, we simply send them in the post..! They are produced on  black styrene sheet material for internal or external display . All of our 'chalk posters' are handwritten, the same as your chalkboards, and look, just like a chalkboard..!

Why use Chalkboard posters..?

  • Can be ordered as 1' off's, no minimum order
  • Polypropylene sheet, flexible and waterproof.
  • Available in various sizes to fit your poster frames
  • Great for short term display.
  • Ideal if you're in an area that's not easy to book a chalkboard artist.
  • Chalkboard artists tend not to want to travel too far to change only a couple of boards.
  • Often a cheaper option than a days visit from your chalk artist.
  • Just give me your basic requirements and I'll do the rest..!
  • Visit our signwriting site here for details and prices
  • Works great with our Poster frames and Snap Frames